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How It Works

1. Select a Training Package

Choose a training package that best suits the needs of your operation.

2. Assigned a Manager's Portal

With the Manger's Portal, you have the freedom & ability to add staff members to the training platform. Through the Manger's Portal Analytics, you can monitor staff progress & track achievements, test & exam results.

3. Luxury Hospitality Online Courses

Each staff member has access to over 35 Online Courses designed for Luxury Country Clubs, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars & Hotels. Taking your training to the next level.

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4. Manager & Staff Support

The ServeSkills Support Team will be available to both Managers and staff through the duration of the training.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Great base knowledge to prepare me for the actual work environment"

"The online training material was extremely helpful. It was thorough in explaining all aspects of the restaurant and country club"
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From USA
"It was a great Training program and being able to go at your own pace is great. I highly recommend this program"

"With the online training program, I could learn at my own pace, focusing a little more on areas I’m not familiar with and speeding up the areas that are easier for me."
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From South Africa
"The training program is easy to understand and practical. It prepared me for service and any scenario that I may encounter"
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From Italy
"Without it, I would have sunk in the deep end, I am grateful for the training"
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From Romania